Jules Pansu Cushions

Jules Pansu Cushions

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Jules Pansu
 has been weaving on Jacquard Looms in the north of France since 1878.

The cushion covers are woven and not printed. They are a tapestry and will last for a very long time. There are 3 of FranceÍs top weavers on the team at Jules Pansu.

As well as being of superior quality and workmanship, Pansu are also producing top designs for their cushions, many of which are under licence, eg, the Picasso Range. It has taken 10 years to have 13 different Picasso design cushion covers. Each one is tagged on the back ,  proof that it is under licence. No other weaving company in the world has been able to get The Picasso Foundation to agree to the production of some of Picasso images in the form of tapestries.

Another notable achievement of the Pansu weaves is the variation in texture . It is technically very challenging to use different fibres on the same panel. By using this technique , it achieves a 3 dimensional effect.

Inside each cover there is a tag to say made in France and PansuÍs details as well as care instructions. These cushions are not just another cushion. They are art.